Real Life Sales Examples – Seafood

I’ve just finished a trip to Bintan Island with my girlfriend. (And we managed to survive!) Not only was it good for helping me progress towards my goals of travelling more but I felt like I learnt some valuable lessons with the trip as well.

The first is that beef bacon is terrible. It just doesn’t have the right texture or taste. I’d even take turkey bacon over beef bacon. I need to reconsider if I could live in a muslim country based on this learning.

More seriously I saw some interesting examples of sales tactics. The first was at a Cui Yong Kelong. There were so many steps to this sales process. Continue reading Real Life Sales Examples – Seafood

Corporate Buzzword: The perception of you is…

A certain manager at my office has introduced a number of new corporate buzzwords and my favourite at the moment is “The perception of you is…”.

Let’s analyse this a little:

  • I’m not willing to tell you directly what I think of your performance
  • I’m trying to soften the blow and make it seem less personal
  • I’m trying to set goals for you without taking ownership of those goals
  • I’m not willing to make this a two-way conversation where I am also a part of the success or failure in that perception
  • I don’t want to make this a two-way conversation about your perception of me

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Collaboration – Breaking the Pyramids

One of the roles I quietly took on in 2015 was that of the APAC Social Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing Lead. You can now find some details of the role on my LinkedIn profile which I’ve updated as part of the concepts taught in the Coursera Influencing People class – building authority through symbols.

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