Curriculum Vitae – fozziewossie

My name is Michael Foster and I go by Fozz and online as fozziewossie. I consider my interests a little varied although they probably come across as both a first world and a product of my time. I’m primarily interested in technology from EMC, Documentum, Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Android, CSS, accessibility, and web but and I also hope to cover some more daring topics such as the philosophy of censorship and thinking as well as some good old fashioned rants, bar reviews, restaurants, gigs and travels.

This fozziewossie space is an example of my skills and interests.

There’s currently lots of information out there about me. You can find out about me at:
Twitter: @fozziewossie

My main technical skills are around the EMC Documentum product which I have been working with since 2006 starting with IBM. WindowLogic and now Atos.¬†For the last year I’ve taken on more of a sales and project management role and I’m now leading a project delivering Open Text content suite.

I’ve had a number of clients including PwC, Pfizer, ANZ Bank, Chevron, Inpex, BHP Billiton, Societe Generale, Oil Search, Singapore Press Holdings and Economic Development Board of Singapore.

I’m currently extending my skills in a couple of areas. These include Alfresco – an open source enterprise content management solution, Android development – the well known phone operating system, and various web technologies including JSON, servlets and various web 2.0 products. On the soft side I’m looking to increase my soft skills around project and stakeholder management and also sales. Don’t pigeon hole me as a tech only person – I want to do it all.