Infant Nutrition Price Analysis – Are You Paying Too Much?

This article compares the infant nutrition price – the price of infant formula from my local supermarket. I compare the different companies, if there’s a relationship between the shelf level and price and if there are further relationships between the number of products being promoted or the number of marketing messages.

This is the final post of four and Continue reading Infant Nutrition Price Analysis – Are You Paying Too Much?

Infant Nutrition Marketing Messages

In this third part of the series I am looking at the nutrition marketing messages. Marketing messages are the terms, phrases, emotions and general tools that marketers use to manipulate you.

Previously we’ve looked at the major players and a typical shelf and also what ingredients they list on the packaging. In future articles we’ll talk about price and other influence tactics.

For this analysis I recorded all the non-ingredient messages on the front of containers from a shelf at my local supermarket. I then divided these up into categories that seemed Continue reading Infant Nutrition Marketing Messages