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Games in eCommerce – Are You Being Manipulated?

The concept of gamification in eCommerce makes sense and is slowly coming about. There’s a new related trend that has come about though…

Games in eCommerce - Example of Shopee Candy game.
Example of a Game in an eCommerce Application. Shopee provides games in their Android application which don’t have an obvious link back to the shopping experience.

Recently my wife asked me about an eCommerce platform that has included a game in their mobile application and what insights an eCommerce company might gather on her behaviour through simply playing the game.

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Recipe: Slow-cooked BBQ Pork Ribs

I believe this slow-cooked BBQ pork ribs is my first recipe post. Don’t worry though as it likely won’t become a regular thing it’s just that this recipe has been asked for AND the dish received the seal of approval from my mother in law!

The style is inspired by Aaron Franklin’s MasterClass but there are limitations here in Singapore – no fancy smoker barbeque will fit in my HDB apartment!

The slow-cooked BBQ pork ribs after coming out of the oven for the final time. The meat will be soft, plenty of flavor but not sloppy.
The finished product. Slow-cooked BBQ pork ribs.

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Learning: In Preparing For This Meeting I…

In preparing for this post I re-read the relevant section of “The Accidental Salesperson“, wrote and re-wrote a movie script, did multiple read-throughs, waited for the right lighting and free time, set up the sound, did multiple takes, edited the video in iMovie, uploaded it to YouTube including setting a thumbnail and closing screen with adjusted timings and then created this matching blog post on

Sometimes you want the result to be magical but most of the time people are more impressed knowing the effort and professionalism that sets you apart.

So why not start your next meeting with “In preparing for this meeting I…”

Learning: What It Means To Have A Brand

Seth Godin always gives me so much to unpack. Here’s a quote and check his interview on This is Marketing.

“What it means to have a brand is that you’ve made a promise to people. They have expectations. It’s a shorthand. What will I expect the next time. And if that is distinct, you’ve earned something. If it’s not distinct then let’s admit that you make a commodity.”

For me personally there are plenty of questions

  • Are employees just a commodity? (Hopefully not)
  • Am I personally a commodity? (Hopefully not!)
  • Therefore, should I have a personal brand? (Yes!)
  • What is my personal brand? (Someone who shares unique insights)
  • Is my personal brand distinct? (Hopefully yes!)
  • And will I have to make these sessions every week forever? (Yes!)

So what’s your personal brand?