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Articles relating to social media, social collaboration and how we can communicate better.

Social tools have become the norm in many software solutions with dedicated (Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Yammer, Facebook for Work) and add-on (Chatter, SharePoint and many others) become part of the day to day working life.

Despite social collaboration being normal in personal life the switch over to an enterprise setting is extremely challenging for many companies.

Here I compare and contrast personal vs enterprise and share my experience working as a APAC Head of Social Collaboration.

Vietnam… First Visit in 7 Years – HCMC Places to Go

I’d love to say that it feels like only yesterday but I reckon it’s about seven years since I did a flying visit to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam to visit my cousin Clare who was working there.

And the place seems to have grown up a lot!

I was a bit disappointed really as the roads seemed more sedate and a lot less chaos. Luckily the method for crossing the road hasn’t changed Continue reading Vietnam… First Visit in 7 Years – HCMC Places to Go

Power: The Dark Side – Self Focus

I think one of the most under-addressed elements I’ve seen in organisations is who is allocated power. As usual I’m going to make some references to Influencing People¬†– a class that I completed on Coursera recently.

Week 1 included sections on power – what is it, what are the benefits, what are the downsides, Continue reading Power: The Dark Side – Self Focus

Collaboration – Breaking the Pyramids

One of the roles I quietly took on in 2015 was that of the APAC Social Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing Lead. You can now find some details of the role on my LinkedIn profile¬†which I’ve updated as part of the concepts taught in the Coursera Influencing People class – building authority through symbols.

Continue reading Collaboration – Breaking the Pyramids


Sunset in Haymarket
Settling in for sunset in Haymarket

Sunshine. Streaming down and in. Warming the skin with its sweet touch. Closing the eyes with delicious brightness. Causing a glow and a shimmer to the world. Life. A yellow call further away than comprehension but so close as to touch my heart. The sun itself causing waves and ripples. It’s a myth that it can enlighten but it can awaken.

The senses, touch, sight. Can you hear the sun? Can you smell it? Can you taste it?

A days noise starts with the sun and the flowers open, your tummy rumbles and demands attention from the produce of the sun.

Sunshine provides time and order, and with each day comes a sense of purpose. For me sunshine is happiness and colour, fun and friends, relaxation or work, vibrancy. When the sun goes down for the last time I will be done.