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Collaboration – Breaking the Pyramids

One of the roles I quietly took on in 2015 was that of the APAC Social Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing Lead. You can now find some details of the role on my LinkedIn profile¬†which I’ve updated as part of the concepts taught in the Coursera Influencing People class – building authority through symbols.

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Sunset in Haymarket
Settling in for sunset in Haymarket

Sunshine. Streaming down and in. Warming the skin with its sweet touch. Closing the eyes with delicious brightness. Causing a glow and a shimmer to the world. Life. A yellow call further away than comprehension but so close as to touch my heart. The sun itself causing waves and ripples. It’s a myth that it can enlighten but it can awaken.

The senses, touch, sight. Can you hear the sun? Can you smell it? Can you taste it?

A days noise starts with the sun and the flowers open, your tummy rumbles and demands attention from the produce of the sun.

Sunshine provides time and order, and with each day comes a sense of purpose. For me sunshine is happiness and colour, fun and friends, relaxation or work, vibrancy. When the sun goes down for the last time I will be done.

Three months

If you had three months to travel – money no object – where would you go and what would you do?

Serene Sun
Being a tour guide isn’t all hard work.

I learn’t a very valuable less on my last holiday. It was that travel for me is not about seeing places, it is about experiencing places. I need time and leisure and friends and memories. I need to be part of the activity of a place.

And that makes fitting all I’d like to do in three months of travel quite difficult.

While we are sticking with three’s I might just pick three locations. Costa Rica and my sloth brothers, a small slice of South America for some rain forests and wine and my love of cycling in Europe.

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