Three months

If you had three months to travel – money no object – where would you go and what would you do?

Serene Sun
Being a tour guide isn’t all hard work.

I learn’t a very valuable less on my last holiday. It was that travel for me is not about seeing places, it is about experiencing places. I need time and leisure and friends and memories. I need to be part of the activity of a place.

And that makes fitting all I’d like to do in three months of travel quite difficult.

While we are sticking with three’s I might just pick three locations. Costa Rica and my sloth brothers, a small slice of South America for some rain forests and wine and my love of cycling in Europe.

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The Sydney Local

Sydney local
Better than the wall giving directions. I’m a Sydney local!

I’m a little worried that I’ve turned into a Sydney local overnight. Twice today I was asked for directions. Sure, one of those times I had no idea but the other I knew!

For reference the Hilton Sydney is at 488 George St (but there’s parking off Pitt St as well for us Sydney locals 😉 ) and Rockpool Bar & Grill is just around the corner from my work and can be found at the corner of Hunter and Bligh.

Hilton Sydney
Found the Hilton Sydney on my walk back home.

I even found the Hilton on my walk back home so I’ve locked that one into the memory bank.