Learning About the Oil and Gas Industry

I have a large number of goals this year. They’re possibly spiraling out of control. And there are a couple that I don’t know how to achieve yet. One of those goals was to increase my knowledge around the ¬†oil and gas industry. I’d had a look around at the time of setting my goals and nothing had turned up of interest on the MOOC sites I’d checked. Living in Perth I figured there would be some good summary classes that I might be able to pay for at a local university but those seemed more targeted at specific course areas. I left the goal and moved on.

Course textbook for the Reservoir Geomechanics class
Course textbook for the Reservoir Geomechanics class hosted by Standford. Mark Zoback is the lecturer.

So when an email “New Stanford Online Learning Opportunities!” lobbed into my account I was pleasantly surprised to see a course on Reservoir Geomechanics.

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What are you going to do?

Every time I walk through the cemetery I think about legacy. Leaving a legacy and doing something good for the world. Not being selfish and leaving a tombstone as the only reminder of my time on earth. Not being the person who attends a tombstone weekly to tend and mend the dead. That’s all the tending to a grave is – trying to bring someone back to life who is already gone. The world is more than that and you and I have more to offer.

But what are you doing? Umpiring hockey occasionally, helping out at cricket. Those are pretty selfish really. Those are personal. Those aren’t going to leave a deep legacy. Those aren’t helping people who need help. You’re not even helping grow the kids.

So, what are you going to do?

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