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Real Life Sales Examples – Seafood

I’ve just finished a trip to Bintan Island with my girlfriend. (And we managed to survive!) Not only was it good for helping me progress towards my goals of travelling more but I felt like I learnt some valuable lessons¬†with the trip as well.

The first is that beef bacon is terrible. It just doesn’t have the right texture or taste. I’d even take turkey bacon over beef bacon. I need to reconsider if I could live in a muslim country based on this learning.

More seriously I saw some interesting examples of sales tactics. The first was at a Cui Yong Kelong. There were so many steps to this sales process. Continue reading Real Life Sales Examples – Seafood

Collaboration – Breaking the Pyramids

One of the roles I quietly took on in 2015 was that of the APAC Social Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing Lead. You can now find some details of the role on my LinkedIn profile¬†which I’ve updated as part of the concepts taught in the Coursera Influencing People class – building authority through symbols.

Continue reading Collaboration – Breaking the Pyramids