The New AI is Better Than Artificial Intelligence

You’ve heard that Artificial Intelligence is important but maybe there’s something more powerful that you’ve missed. Have you thought about the “AI’s”:

  • Accelerated Intelligence
  • Applied Intelligence
  • Actionable Intelligence
  • Assisted Intelligence
  • Adaptable Intelligence
  • Augmented Intelligence
  • Amplified Intelligence

See below for my definition, some commercial pharma examples and further reading.

Accelerated Intelligence

Looks at how to speed up learning. Accelerated Intelligence is such a huge category with automated coaching, on demand and on the job learning, weakness identification and meeting tone analysis for post session review. For medical reps I’d love details on how many questions they ask and if questions being asked at the right time. Additionally, you could look at the key words health care professionals (HCP’s) use and if medical reps are responding with the correct evidence.

The concept of accelerated intelligence doesn’t seem to be that well defined. Because there’s such a lack of references and it’s such an interesting topic I’m going to need to write more on accelerated intelligence !

Applied Intelligence

Is the generation of insights and automated actions – this is also called autonomous intelligence.

I’d love to see automatically created customer journeys based on joining actual data flows. These journey’s would then allow new insights to be identified and pushed to other systems in real time.

Reference: Accenture – What Applied Intelligence Means for Your Digital Transformation

Actionable Intelligence

Is information that can be followed up on, with the further implication that activities should be undertaken to make positive use of the information gathered. Think about dashboards or visualizations that allow interaction with data and more importantly the triggering of relevant actions.

I love talking about this category with suggestions to medical reps around campaigns and how the rep can progress the steps for example by sending the relevant email, inviting a doctor to an event or having a specific face to face discussion.

Reference: TechTarget – Definition of Actionable Intelligence

Assisted Intelligence

Improves what people and organizations are already doing. Assisted intelligence tends to involve clearly defined, rules-based, repeatable tasks.

I often think of this category as Robotic Process Automation. We can get more advanced with an omnichannel cycle planning example: As you define a cycle, assisted intelligence can step in to add the required activities related to your quarterly campaigns. Additionally, your rules for classification and segments can assist by filling in the remaining activities. Assisted intelligence removed the burden of manual tasks through integrated and intelligent systems.

Reference: Strategy-Business – A Strategists Guide to Artificial Intelligence

Adaptable Intelligence

Too often artificial intelligence is forced on to participants who are adverse to change. The concept of adaptability is fantastic when you think that the intelligence should be fit to the individual. People are adaptable, malleable and intelligent but we often design the intelligence system to be none of those.

At the same time I believe there’s a place for Artificial Intelligence that can help humans become more adaptable. This in turn could increase the Adversity Quotient (AQ) of our teams.

From a pharma perspective we need to be wary of the skill sets of our employees. While continuous learning is the great, people learn and adapt at different speeds. For example we should limit the number of suggestions to embrace digital channels for employees who are struggling with adoption. If suggestions are probability ranked we can limit the suggestions seen by late adopters to only be those deemed a high chance of success.

Reference: Capgemini – Adaptable Intelligence

Augmented Intelligence

Enables organizations and people to do things they couldn’t otherwise do.

In the Medical Affairs space, we can add value by identify global and regional trends. This is possible through insights from key opinion leaders and data from medical inquiries. Using technology we can avoid human biases that would have occurred through traditional analysis. This can ward off many problems from supply chain to unintended adverse events.

Reference: Data Driven Investor – Augmented Intelligence Not Artificial Intelligence is the Future

Amplified Intelligence

We are challenged in our roles to make effective and complex decisions. It’s important to amplify our intelligence by providing additional tools and insights at the most relevant points.

I’d love to see more of this in the territory alignment and targeting space. Strategists could receive real time advice based on third party data sets, and head office corporate intelligence and frameworks. This would supplement the goals they’re are adding. Modelling and testing would be amplified by the additional insights.

Reference: Deloitte – Amplified Intelligence

Complements to @KirkDBorne on Twitter for the conversation starter for the article. When looking at intelligence in our organizations there’s a long way to go but exciting technology in the future.

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