The Parklife Mix Tape and Reviews

I’m a little excited about Parklife this year. The line up seems to be a little more diverse than last year and also a lot deeper in talent. Last year had a couple of big acts but this year is going to have me rocking all day.

But as with a lot of music I have no idea who plays what song until I hear it. So to help any one else out who has the same problem, here is my Parklife mix tape of all the artists that are playing at Parklife with a few extras thrown in for the Perth locals that are playing at my event.

For the full list of artists playing at your festival please see

Here’s my list of the bands playing, a YouTube link to an example of my snippet like review of each:


The Big Names

Adrian LuxCrystal FightersDeath From Above 1979DigitalismDiploDuck SauceExampleFeed MeFlux PavilionGoldfieldsGossipHarvard BassJoker and MC NomadKaty BKimbraLittle DragonLykke LiMagnetic ManMSTRKRFTMyloNeroSantigoldSebastianSebastian TellierSimian Mobile DiscoStrange TalkTensnakeThe Ashton ShuffleThe Naked and FamousThe StreetsWolfgang GartnerYacht Club DJs

The Locals

AudageousBlack and BluntCarl FoxDeadventsDorcia DJsSam PerrySun CityTee El and BlendThe Pearly WhitesThe SubstanceTom Drummond vs. JMC

Andrian Lux

Teenage Crime – pretty cool song.

Boy – a little trancy. not as good.

Can’t Sleep – not too bad.

Crystal Fighters

XTATIC TRUTH – average

Follow – this is a good song. Slightly spanish tune.

Swallow – this sounded not bad

I love London – that was fun

Death From Above 1979

Romantic Rights – didnt rate that one much

Little Girl – alright but not blown away

Do It! – kind of a bit rock like. still not a massive fan.


Two Hearts – Pretty good song

Zdarlight – easy listening.

Pogo – similar. They’re pretty good.


Work Is Never Over – sounds pretty good. Remix,cut, type stuff.

Wassup Wassup – another fun one. Defintely worth a look

Duck Sauce

Barbara Streisand – we all know that one

aNYway – Pretty good song. Dancey.

The Motion – Alright.


Changed the way you kiss me – classic

Kickstarts – classic

Watch the Sun Come Up – classic

Feed Me

Blood Red – Big dubstep. Love it if I’m high enough

Grand Theft Ecstasy – This is pretty good

Flux Pavilion

Bass Cannon – More big dubstep. Same label as Feed Me I think.

Hold Me Close – Seemed alright.


Treehouse – Ooooohhh oooo oooo. We lost our way. Good.

The Woods – Not as good


We know who they are. Anyone for ping pong?

Heavy Cross – not bad

Standing In The Way of Control – I like this one quite a bit

Harvard Bass

Pruno – Alright. Didnt catch me though.

Caked – Still didnt catch me.

Joker and MC Nomad

More of the dubstep stuff.

There’s some hip hop stuff in there too. Sounds alright if a little dirty.

Katy B

Katy On A Mission – Love it

Louder – How hot is she! Alright song.

Lights On – Sweet song

Easy Please Me – Fun enough


Seriously we all love her

Settle Down – Awesome song and apparently amazing live

Two Way St – Not bad either. Great voice.

Little Dragon

Constant Surprises – Pleasant but not catchy

After The Rain – Alright again. Film clip was good

Lykke Li

I really like this chick.

Little Bit – My type of sound. This song is great.

Tonight – And she is another hottie! A lot cruisier.

Let it Fall – Another beauty

Magnetic Man

Could we see a Magnetic Man and Katy B feature?

I Need Air – Sounds alright

Perfect Stranger (feat. Katy B) – It’s real good. The version without her is great to.

MAD – That was pretty cool. Quite electronic.


Heartbreaker – Catchy but not sure how it would go live

FRSHPRNCFBLR – I like this one. Was loads of fun.

Got love to kill – Alright, didnt blow me away

Woman (Wolfmother Remix) – The dude dancing in this clip is gold


In My Arms – This is a pretty good song

Drop the Pressure – Great song

Sweet Child of Mine – Not a bad remix


Innocence – Back on the dubstep. Alright. Didn’t move me.

Electron – Bit more upbeat. Not a lot of depth to it.


Shove It – Kind of Hip Hoppy Brit style but more dance

Starstruck – Didnt mind this one.

You’ll Find A Way – Also good.


Embody – This is a catchy song. Nice one.

Motor – That one grew on me as it went on

Sebastien Tellier

Divine – Not very interesting

La Ritournelle – Not very interesting either

Simian Mobile Disco

Hustler – Good riff but they have better songs

Audacity of Huge – Super catchy song. Great fun.

Strange Talk

Climbing Walls – Alright but didn’t blow me away

Is It Real – Similar to above


Coma Cat – Fairly chilled out electro that builds. Quite cool.

Something About You – Not bad but not quite the same ride

The Ashton Shuffle

Your Love – These guys do some good dancey mixes

Start Again – I quite like this song. Gets me grooving.

The Naked And Famous

Punching in A Deam – Top song

Young Blood – Another great song

Girls Like You – Bit of a step down from their others songs

The Streets

Bit of an old classic aren’t they. Here’s a couple of my favourites.

Fit But You Know It – Love this one

Don’t Mug Yourself – Yeah, been in this situation

Wolfgang Gartner

Illmerica – Reminded me a bit of Daft Punk but not quite as good

Undertaker – Not really rocking me

Yacht Club DJs

Tamborine Dream – They kind of do these crazy mix ups. Saw them at falls and they were pretty good

Touch – Old classics mixed good

Perth Locals


Not quite sure I get it. There’s some dubstep influence but it seems a little unrefined.

Black and Blunt

Can’t Get Enough – Not bad. Worth watching if they are one of the early sets

Carl Fox

The Key – They are pretty big here in Perth. Hopefully an in person live review from Saturday night as they’re playing. This songs not bad


This sounds pretty awesome to be honest. Heaps of energy. Too short though!

Dorcia DJs

Nothing found for this one

Sam Perry

Halo – Seen this guy a couple of times and he’s pretty good. Layers all the sounds himself. Would love a Kimbra vs Sam Perry set.

Sun City

Alright but not super impressive. Sort of poppy rock dance.

Tee El and Blend

Nothing found for this one

The Pearly Whites

Dubstep mixes. Not a bad sound to some of the stuff they do.

The Substance

Suckerpunch – This is just a teaser. Not teasing enough as I wasnt that impressed.

Tom Drummond vs JMC

Not bad but not sure.

Think there are better songs that I should have picked? Send your recommendations my way by leaving a comment below

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