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2016 NYE Resolution – Travel, Climb, Swim, Cycle

I kind of dislike the fact that it takes a changing of a number to help people become more motivated… but I’m doing it to myself this time – time to make a resolution of two!

Obviously 2016 wasn’t the best year for my blogging. So first resolution of the year.

Thou shalt blog more

I also felt like a barely traveled around Asia in 2015. Last year I made it to Malaysia (for a weekend), Indonesia (for a weekend) and Australia twice (which did carve up my leave.) This year I hope to see Indonesia (again), Thailand, Cambodia, Burma (Myanmar), Vietnam, China and maybe Japan. I think traveling at least one every two months is acceptable. Let’s see if I can get a travel calendar up here and attach some fun.

Thou shalt travel more

My Timbertop - Climbing more mountains should be a resolution unto itself.
Mt Timbertop – I walked up here at the end of 2015. I need to walk up more hills during my travels.






I did cycle at least once in 2015
Cycling along the rail trail

My bike has also been sitting in the apartment since April 2015. Next resolution is to complete a lap of Singapore on the bike.

Thou shalt circumnavigate Singapore by bicycle


But I also need to learn some new skills. (2015 I learnt how to wakeboard and home to hypnotise people). In 2016 my resolution is to learn and be qualified to scuba dive.

Thou shalt learn to swim with the fishes


I did end 2015 fitter than I did 2014 which was good. Unfortunately the end of 2015 wasn’t my fittest part though and I definitely slipped back from my high points around the middle of the year. So the wall planner is back out. Let’s compare my drinking to 2014 and my fitness to 2015 (not sure how) and maybe come up with some interesting statistics along the way. Here”s the link to my favourite wall planner.

Thou shalt by fitter than you were in 2015


And you know there will be more resolutions throughout 2016. I generally can’t help myself. There will be classes like Influencing People (Coursera),  I might try to learn some Chinese, there’s an NLP course that I’m thinking about and then all the other random things that I find in life.

Happy new year 2016 and I look forward to sharing many happy times with you!

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