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CountView – Part 3 – CountView on the Android Market

CountView has now reached the pinnacle that an Android application can reach – it’s made it to the Android Marketplace! Okay, well, that might not quite be the pinnacle. Angry Birds has probably taken that with the number of downloads and popular references. Getting on the market is still pretty cool though even if it cost me
US$25 to get a developer account.

So there’s new steps now and it’s not much easier really although they are a littleĀ more standard since nearly everyone has installed an app from the market.


  1. Open the market
  2. Press the search button
  3. Type in CountView
  4. Press Enter
  5. Click on the CountView application
  6. Select Install
  7. Select the very minimal permissions
  8. Done!

And how’s the app doing? I’ve had fourteen people install it and nine are still using it. Here’s my favourite graph that Google provides:

Active installs of CounView by country