CountView – Part 1

Long time between posts but never fear, I have been busy! My latest project is called CountView and it’s my second substantial android project. The idea came from a random article I read that gave some figures on how often people look at their mobile phone. I’ve spent some time looking for the initial research with no luck but as far as I know it was done by Nokia, found that people look at their phones on average once every 6.5 minutes and up to 150 times a day. If you now of the actual study then please let me know as I’d love a read.

CountView is my effort to reproduce and verify that study. It’s a fairly simple app that keeps track of how many times you look at your phone each day. At the moment it’s not recording the time, just the number per day. This is then used to provide a count per week and a total count of views and how many days you’ve used your phone.

The application is definitely a work in progress at the moment. I’ve got it up to a point where I’m happy to share it but there’s definitely a lot more to be done before I move it to the android market. Those things include

  • Being able to submit your usage data
  • Being able to set your age and sex and submit that to
  • Making it look a bit nicer, and
  • Figuring out the rest of the Android market place process

So, you’d like to try it? You can download the APK and give it a shot.

Hopefully it will self install and you’ll be hot to trot. All feedback appreciated!

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