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Montenegro – Simply Amazing – Your Perfect Wedding Idea

We organised to meet a photographer in Montenegro at a place called Kotor to do a post wedding photo shoot in June 2019. It’s all the rage in Singapore to do a pre-wedding shoot but that seemed limiting in terms of locations or costs in that we’d need to travel before the wedding and then again for our honeymoon. Meeting a photographer somewhere, that from the tour guides looked pretty amazing, was a great solution.

And we were blown away. Thank you to Mariya Kulagina for looking after us and creating in this amazing short video from the final shooting location. We were never expecting a video as well as the wonderful photos.

Location 1: Gulf of Kotor

We originally went looking for a location that we’d seen another photographer use. While we didn’t quite manage to re-create the photo the view was stunning and gives you a feel for the seclusion of the bay that Kotor is located on. The sea ahead turns to the left and out of sight leaving you surrounded by a bowl of mountains.

Kotor Bay - Montenegro
Kotor Bay ringed by mountains.

Location 2: Kotor Old Town

Kotor is a small town on the gulf of Kotor (an amazing backdrop) with a UNESCO listed walled old town. It’s history goes a long way back and like most cities in the region it’s been re-built many times over.

Walking through Kotor Old Town
Kotor (Old Town) is a fortified town with references going back to the early Roman period. Crammed with tourists till the mid afternoon when most of them suddenly disappear.
Kotor Old Town - Shadows
Loved the contrasting shadows of the sunlight and cool alleys.
Kotor Old Town - Cobblestones
And the cobblestone streets are almost slippery with the number of people who have polished them with their feet.
Kotor Old Town - Shaded Doorways
The old town of Kotor is a UNESCO site and everything is meant to remain as is.. including some odd shaped doorways.
Kotor Old Town - Intense
Hanging out here with some flowers but I love the deep stare here.

Location 3: Above Kotor

Less than five minutes up the hill from the old town Mariya led us to our second shooting location. This was fantastic with long grass, sheer mountains and a view over the city.

Above Kotor Old Town - Kisses in the Mountains
Kissing in the fields.
Above Kotor Old Town - Mountains
Such rugged mountains. I love the sense of size here and you can still see some of the old walls that lead up the mountain.
Above Kotor Old Town - Walking and Mountains
Capturing it all – mountains, grass and the backdrop.
Above Kotor Old Town - Enjoying the Scenery
Resting on the job… was nice to be able to sit and admire the view.

Location 4: Kotor Harbour

I’m sure in peak season there’s a lot more luxury yachts along here but it was much nicer with some of the smaller sailing boats which don’t block out the amazing mountains in the background.

Kotor Harbour - Boats
Posing at the harbour
Kotor Harbour - Bathed in Sunlight
Sunset comes early at Kotor with the light already starting to dip behind the encircling mountains.

Location 5: Fortress Gorazda

And that leaves us with our final favourite location in Montenegro which was Fortress Gorazda. I’m not sure how Mariya had found this one as a location but it was amazing with a view back over Kotor and over the broader bay of Kotor and the narrows. The fortress itself is relatively modern but still turns out to have a pretty interesting history. Sunsets will never fail to make me happy.

Fortress Gorazda - Leading The Way
Finally got Gwen to walk through the grass. That’s Kotor in the background.
Fortress Gorazda - Walking Together
We got really good at walking through the grass.
Fortress Gorazda - Kotor Old Town At Sunset
The view down to Kotor was beautiful with the changing lights and shadow.
Fortress Gorazda - Old Forts And Amazing Scenery
From a distance and a better view of how high up we were on the fort.
Fortress Gorazda - On Top of The World and on top of Montenegro
Standing on the top of mountains.
Fortress Gorazda - Enjoying The View
Enjoying the sunset. Fun fact: Most of the metal has been stripped off the fort to be sold but there is a 100 ton manually rotated solid metal gun turret still in place and just next to us. I guess it’s a bit heavy for any of the thieves to carry. Montenegro has a challenged history through being placed between many warring larger neighbours.
Fortress Gorazda - Strong Pose
Enough of Gwen posing… Michael’s turn.
Fortress Gorazda - Twinkling Shadows
The dappled sunset light on the entrance to the fort.
Fortress Gorazda - Flowers and Sunset
Spring time and so many flowers.
Fortress Gorazda - Together We Go
Finally Gwen agrees to be piggybacked and then says that it was her idea and tries to take charge.
Fortress Gorazda - Piggybacks
And it’s fun being carried around.
Montenegro Sunset
The sun set on the most amazing day in Montenegro. We barely scratched the surface but it’s definitely somewhere we’d love to go back to.

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  1. Words escape me.
    What amazing memories.
    Gwen, beautiful, sincere, elegant, happy, proud and contended.
    True love.
    Sensual, in tune photography.

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