What it means to have a brand quote

Learning: What It Means To Have A Brand

Seth Godin always gives me so much to unpack. Here’s a quote and check his interview on This is Marketing.

“What it means to have a brand is that you’ve made a promise to people. They have expectations. It’s a shorthand. What will I expect the next time. And if that is distinct, you’ve earned something. If it’s not distinct then let’s admit that you make a commodity.”

For me personally there are plenty of questions

  • Are employees just a commodity? (Hopefully not)
  • Am I personally a commodity? (Hopefully not!)
  • Therefore, should I have a personal brand? (Yes!)
  • What is my personal brand? (Someone who shares unique insights)
  • Is my personal brand distinct? (Hopefully yes!)
  • And will I have to make these sessions every week forever? (Yes!)

So what’s your personal brand?

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